The Toyota Tacoma is a highly durable pickup truck. In November, we recounted a tale of the truck being used to shuttle hospital patients to safety from the California wildfires. The truck sustained massive surface damage but was still operable. Now, there is a tale of a Toyota Tacoma that is still operating after hitting 1.2 million miles on the odometer.

The Toyota Tacoma in question belongs to Mike Neal who purchased the vehicle pre-owned in late 2007. He has been driving it every day since then. As of the date of this post, the truck’s odometer has logged 1,218,880 miles.

How did Neal reach this insane number of miles in just a decade? He works as a nuclear medicine deliveryman. He transports medicines used by PET scan patients. Considering the sensitivity of his freight, he needed a sturdy vehicle up for the task, which prompted the Toyota Tacoma purchase in the first place.

Even after 1.2 million miles, the truck still has its original transmission. While he did eventually have to replace the engine, the original made it to the 880,000-mile mark. Similarly, the original spark plugs lasted until 704,000 miles.

Visit Torque News to learn more about Neal and his truck that is now referred to as “The World’s Most Famous Tacoma.”

Toyota models also frequently make it on the list of cars most likely to last 200,000 miles. The Toyota Sequoia and Toyota 4Runner both made Road and Track’s list of automobiles most likely to reach that mileage.

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