SUVs are traditionally the longest kept vehicles, though in metropolitan areas, sedans take the spot as the longest owned cars. When breaking it down by vehicle model and city, the Toyota Tacoma wins out.

In Sacramento, CA, the 2018 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck had the longest ownership among new car owners. The study was carried out by the research firm iSeeCars, which analyzed over six million automobiles and their owners.

Toyota Tacoma owners held onto their truck for an average of 8.1 years. The average ownership length for a new car is 7.4 years.

Nationwide, the Toyota Sequoia and Toyota 4Runner came in third and fourth place respectively, at 8.9 and 8.8 years.

When it comes to automotive brand, Toyota automakers also came out in first place. Toyota car owners keep their vehicles on average for 7.8 years, nearly half a year longer than the average.

Its longevity combined with its affordability compared to other pickup truck brands makes the Toyota Tacoma a highly viable candidate for vehicle buyers looking for a reliable hauler. It’s also quite easy to handle for a full-size vehicle.

To showcase its easy maneuverability, Toyota automakers collaborated with longtime actor and martial artist Chuck Norris in a memorable ad. In the segment, A Toyota Tacoma performs donuts, creating streaks on the road that forms an image of Norris.

Visit Toyota Chula Vista to check out the pickup. It’s the longest owned vehicle in our neighbor up north. See our car finance specials near San Diego, CA, which may include the pickup. The model is also available in a TRD Pro version, which is an inch higher off the floor with beefier front sway bars and a TRD Desert Air Intake snorkel.