The 2019 Toyota Avalon will be making its debut at the Detroit Auto Show later this month. The full-size sedan will soon be in its fifth-generation. For the redesign, the vehicle will be getting all-new sequential turn signals. Of course, by no means is this a vital function, but it’s a pretty cool cosmetic feature that will certainly turn heads when changing lanes.

The automaker posted a Twitter video of the sedan’s rear sequential turn lights in action. At first glance, it certainly has a nice shape, is stylish, and quite suitable for a modern design.

Sequential turn lights were first introduced way back in 1965 and became renowned for their rippling light effects. Many motorists at the time whose car had the sequential lights reported being followed by drivers who were mesmerized by the effects.

Aside from the rad turn signal lights, other new additions include a head-up display and dual-panel moonroof.

Official photos for the 2019 Toyota Avalon were released back in December where the front face of the vehicle was shown without camouflage. The new design revealed a clamshell hood, which was evident by the absence of visible cut lines.

There are no details yet on the powertrain, but it’s suspected it will have a V6 engine that delivers at least 300 hp. A hybrid option may also be available with an engine that delivers around 200 hp.

Visit Motor Trend to see the sequential turn lights in action.

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