What are your summer plans? California, as you know, is home to some gorgeous outdoor sceneries. Perhaps you could consider a family trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains or other wildlife park in a neighboring state. Of course, not any vehicle would suffice for a lengthy journey. The off-roads in California are known for rough and jagged terrain.

Obviously, vehicles best for off-roading include SUVs and pickup trucks. Consumers have plenty of options here with the Toyota brand.

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma will help get you through some rocky California terrain. The same goes for the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. This isn’t just our opinion. The auto site, The Street, also listed these two vehicles among its list of top camping cars.

If you already have a vehicle that you plan on using, then we recommend a pre-trip inspection at our Toyota service center near San Diego, CA. Aside from an extra lengthy commute under formidable terrain, you’re also commuting under higher temperatures. Even in a relatively new car, this elevates the risk of engine overheating, which can cause serious long-term damage.

Car owners should also perform their own pre-trip checkup. Did you flush and refill the coolant system within the last year? If not, bring your car to our dealership for a radiator flush.

Also check the tires, which are more vulnerable to a blowout on a sunny day. The tire interior accumulates heat, which causes it to expand. If the tires are under or overinflated, this creates a dangerous situation where it could blow out while the vehicle is traveling at high speeds.

Planning a summer getaway? Check out our new inventory, which contains models proven for outdoor excursions. Visit Toyota Chula Vista before finalizing travel plans.