With Thanksgiving a recent memory and the Christmas and New Years’ holidays just around the corner, the Buckle Up For Life program, the national education program from Cincinnati Children’s and Toyota, has some must-know car seat safety tips for drivers to take advantage of when driving to their family gatherings and holiday parties! Millions of Americans across the country will travel by car this holiday season, and our team here at your Toyota dealers near San Diego, CA, Toyota Chula Vista, wants each and every one of you to stay as safe as possible!

Gloria Del Castillo, child passenger safety expert at Cincinnati Children’s and senior outreach specialist for Buckle Up for Life, had this to say about child passenger safety over the holidays:

The holidays are a reminder to be thankful for all that we have—and for so many of us this includes the children in our lives. We want every parent and caregiver to have the knowledge and resources they need to help keep child passengers safe during this special time of year and beyond. These tips from Buckle Up for Life may seem simple, but they could save a child’s life in the event of a crash.

Here are Buckle Up For Life’s Safe Travel Tips:

  • Use the “Inch and Pinch” Test: After you’ve buckled your child in, pinch the car seat strap near their shoulders. If you can pinch a “wrinkle”, you need to tighten the straps until its snug.
  • Secure Holiday “Extras” in the Car: Make sure that all bags, gifts, and other extras are tightly secured and can’t be flung around in case of an accident or crash.
  • Ensure the Car Seat Faces the Correct Way: Make sure that for their age and weight, each child is facing the right way.
  • Remove Your Child’s Winter Coat: A bulky coat can bunch up and prevent the harness from working correctly.
  • Don’t Rent a Car Seat: If you’re traveling by plan, always take your own car seat. You don’t know the important facts and history of the rented seat, which could impact its ability to properly protect your child.

To learn more about car seat safety tips and how you can safely travel in your new Toyota car this holiday season, head on down to Toyota Chula Vista to speak to our team today!