Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the Toyota brand with its twelfth consecutive U.S. EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year Award! Since 2002, through its “green efforts,” the Toyota brand has saved more than 16 billion kilowatt hours of electricity at its 14 North American manufacturing facilities. That is the equivalent of powering 995,000 average American homes for an entire year. Keep reading to find out more!

Robin Haugen, the Toyota brand’s Plant and Environmental Engineering Group Manager, had this to say about earning the award for the twelfth year in a row:

Being named an Energy Star Partner of the Year is a tremendous honor. Earning that honor twelve years in a row is a testament to the dedication of our team members to reduce our carbon footprint and become an environmental leader in our industry.

Since the EPA began tracking and Benchmarking back in 2002, Toyota has reduced overall energy consumption by 35% and has realized cost savings of more than $640 million. None of these benchmarks and reductions would have been possible without total commitment from the top of the brand down through senior leadership and Toyota Team Members at the manufacturing plants across the continent. Specific energy reduction projects include chiller system efficiency improvements, compressed air system efficiency improvements, HVAC variable frequency drives, natural gas steam turbines with heat recovery and paint process humidification efficiency improvements.

With its commitment to energy reduction activities and sharing ideas across all of plants have resulted in huge energy reductions across Toyota manufacturing facilities. This reduction along with the full lineup of impressive and efficient new Toyota models makes our team at your Toyota dealers serving San Diego, Toyota Chula Vista, proud to be associated with the Toyota brand.