Do you have your eyes set on a pickup truck? With the Toyota brand, you have two options: the 2018 Toyota Tacoma and 2018 Toyota Tundra. These two trucks have long been compared and are no strangers to sibling rivalry. If you’re undecided between the two, then hopefully this comparison will help you make an educated decision.

The biggest difference is the size. The Toyota Tacoma began as a compact pickup truck during its first-generation and has since become a mid-size truck by its second generation. The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup, which means greater cabin interior, bed space, and overhaul hauling capacity. Of course, a full-size pickup isn’t for everyone; bulkier vehicles may pose parking and navigation issues for less experienced drivers.

The two, though, do have a lot of overlapping features. Both come with the Toyota Safety Sense and Entune Premium multimedia system.

We suggest visiting Pickup Truck where the reviewer test drives both vehicles on a busy Seattle highway.

The reviewer favored the Toyota Tundra for its longer wheelbase, which made for a smoother and less bumpy ride. He also gave props to the Toyota Tundra for its smoother steering. The greater height off the floor also means more visibility with less blind spots.

When it came to parking, though, it was no surprise the Toyota Tacoma would have a clear advantage. This includes parking both outside and in garages. The Toyota Tundra is 16-inches longer, which makes parking in tighter spaces a greater challenge. When it came to off-roading, the Toyota Tacoma proved more durable if going off the TRD trim.

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