When it comes to midsize sedans, the 2018 Toyota Camry and 2018 Honda Accord are naturally going to be compared since they’re amongst the top-selling vehicles in the segment. How do these two stack up against one another?

Various sites have compared the 2018 models. This includes auto publications like Auto Trader, Auto Blog, CarMax, and the news site Business Insider. We examined these reviews and compiled the general sentiment in multiple areas from safety to the design.

Let’s start with the exterior design. According to a reviewer from Business Insider, the Honda Accord is edgy and eye-catching but otherwise not that aesthetic in the traditional sense. The interior design was also noted as being a bit over-simplistic.

With the Toyota Camry, the sedan was described as “aggressive.” When viewed from the front, the vehicle bore strong resemblance to a Storm Trooper helmet. This is due to the chiseled spoilers and angular front.

In terms of safety, both sedans faired quite well, though the 2018 Toyota Camry takes the edge with a Top Safety Pick+, while the Hinda Accord got the Top Safety Pick. The differentiating factor was the headlight score, where the Toyota Camry scored a good, whereas the Honda Accord just managed an acceptable rating.

You can visit the Toyota official site for a side-by-side comparison. When the specs are seen together, you’ll see that the Toyota Camry holds a few clear advantages. Satellite radio and a power sunroof, for example, are both optional with the Toyota Camry and not available at all for the Honda Accord.

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