California, for all its natural beauty, is unfortunately prone to wildfires. Raging wildfires are taking place in both Southern and Northern California. Many lives have been affected. As a dealership in Southern California, our hearts go out to all those impacted.

With such largescale tragedies, though, also come moments where we see tremendous acts of valor and selflessness. This was the case of a nurse by the name of Allyn Pierce in Paradise, CA. With his Toyota Tundra, he successfully shuttled several patients in his hospital to safety.

Pierce was initially trying to flee the region, heeding the warning of state officials to evacuate the area. However, during a traffic jam, he made an about-face and drove to the hospital where he was employed.

By the time he arrived, firefighters have cleared a safe path for patients and staff to flee. Pierce loaded patients onto the back of his truck and got them away from the hellacious blaze. The fire was so close that his Toyota Tundra suffered tremendous exterior damage. The white paint was completely melted, though the vehicle was still completely operable.

When word got out of the man’s heroism, Toyota automakers honored the hero by announcing that it will be gifting him with a new 2019 Toyota Tundra.

This story is not only a testament to one man’s heroism but also to the rugged durability of the Toyota Tundra. The damage sustained from the massive fire was only aesthetic.

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