We don’t need to tell you that there are inherent dangers associated with towing a vehicle. Fortunately, vehicles like the 2019 Toyota Tundra and 2019 Toyota Tacoma are made for heavy hauling. Even so, you still need to exercise great caution. With towing comes greater blind spots, wider turn radiuses, and greater stopping distances. If this is your first time towing a car, follow these safety outlines.

First, never tow a vehicle or trailer that’s larger and heavier than the vehicle you’re using to tow the car. The tow vehicle will need to be able to come to a complete stop for both cars. A larger tow vehicle prevents both from skidding when braking.

When hooking the vehicle, we recommend staying away from chains and tow straps. This is dangerous, and laws usually only allow towing via chains or straps for short distances. You must also include an indicator, such as a brightly colored flag, if the strap exceeds three meters in length. If you must use straps, then keep speeds below 20 mph and brake very gradually as the towed vehicle will not be able to brake.

We highly recommend using a tow bar instead. This is an A-shaped steel device that you hook to the tow ball. Even better options include a tow dolly or car trailer. If using any of these options, be careful when braking during a turn. Braking too fast can cause the towed car to thrust the tow vehicle forward and to the outside, creating risk of both vehicles jackknifing.

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