We love April! It’s a month of green, a month of fun, and at Toyota Chula Vista, it’s a month of pampering for your new or pre-owned Toyota cars.

Oh wait, were you not used to that last one? Well, April is National Car Care Month, so routine maintenance is vital to keeping your Toyota running in top form. And today, we want to fill you in on the importance of keeping up with the maintenance of your car.

The simplest maintenance most of us take our vehicles in for is an oil change, yet it’s one of the most often-neglected or procrastinated on. However, you need to keep up with this! Old engine oil ends up getting thicker and less healthy for your engine as impurities and debris build up in the oil as well. This is also why you need to get your transmission flushed, which solves similar problems that can build up in your transmission.

There are also more components of your vehicle that need to be replaced over time. Things like brake pads, air filters, and batteries need to all get switched out at some point or another, so making sure you have a reliable mechanic who will use the best equipment out there is vital. And that’s why when you come into our Chula Vista Toyota service center, you’re going to have your Toyota treated to care by nothing less than certified Toyota technicians and mechanics using strictly OE equipment.

So come in today for expert service with a smile. There is always a wide array of specials on parts and service, so you’re also saving money while getting top-notch service. See you soon!