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Even cars in California need to have service performed following the winter months. The weather might not have been as brutal as other areas of the country, but it’s still a good idea to prepare your Toyota model for summer at our service center. There are a variety of services you can have performed on your car, truck or SUV that will prepare it for the summer heat and any road trips you plan to take with family and friends.

The first service is an oil change. If it’s been a couple of months since your last one now is the perfect time to have the oil changed. This is especially true if you will be headed out for a road trip this summer. You want your Toyota Highlander to be in the best shape possible prior to hitting the road. An oil change prolongs the life of your car and ensures that no sludge or dirt builds up in your vehicle’s engine, which can cause other parts to fail.

Have the service professionals at our service center do a thorough check of your vehicle. They can replace burnt out light bulbs, check the electrical system and top off all fluid levels, including windshield wiper fluid during your visit to Toyota Chula Vista. Let the service professionals now of any weird noises or other issues you are having with your car.

An alignment is another service that should be performed prior to hitting the road this summer. A tire rotation should also be performed, especially if you did a lot of driving this past winter season. Our service technicians can handle both of these services in a timely manner for your Toyota. Visit us today at 650 Main Street in beautiful Chula Vista, CA.