Remember when you began learning to drive? It was difficult enough maneuvering among the other drivers, but then when you started taking passengers, you had to juggle the commotion in the car and following the directions with finding the radio station that would please everyone. As if that weren’t distracting enough, today’s teen drivers also have to face the challenge of living in the world where everyone and everything is connected.

We think they deserve a little help.

That’s why Toyota Chula Vista is proud to announce that Toyota has partnered with Teen Vogue on a safe driving campaign for teenage girls known as “Arrive in Style” in honor of April’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The goal of the campaign is to inspire young female drivers to take part in a mutual commitment with their mothers to drive safely and to raise awareness of the dangers that come along with distracted driving.

The campaign follows new research indicating that driving distractions such as texting are common for teen girl drivers. Today’s cars are designed for improved safety, yet automobile crashes remain the leading cause of teenage death, with seven teens between 16 and 19 on average dying daily due to motor vehicle injuries in 2010.

Whether teen girls are driving around San Diego in used Toyota cars or new ones like a Corolla or Avalon, our greatest hope for them is that their initial journeys will be safe and lead to many, many more. With the “Arrive in Style” campaign, we hope to help them do so.

The campaign features print, digital and social media support through next February. Monthly Teen Vogue advertorials will feature advice from Toyota on a variety of safe driving topics while a digital extension will feature videos of Teen Vogue readers and their mothers as they share their commitment to safe driving.

Teens may also visit the “Arrive in Style” website to review a Toyota-sponsored Mutual Driving Agreement with the opportunity to share, e-sign and win monthly prizes. One of the largest prizes will be a trip to New York City with mom to be featured in the February 2014 issue of Teen Vogue.