The sun and the heat can damage your vehicle to the point where it is inoperable. Don’t let this happen to you, especially if you have a summer of fun road trips planned for the entire family. Take the tips from Toyota Chula Vista in this post and put them to good use so your car runs smoothly all summer long.

Park in the Shade

One of the most inexpensive tips out there is to park your Toyota Highlander in the shade. This can be a garage, a makeshift garage, or under a set of trees. The shade can prevent the paint on your SUV from cracking. It can also prevent the harmful rays of the sun from cracking your rubber trim, your leather seats, and keep the interior cool.

Check the Battery

Checking the battery, especially in extreme heat, is vital to keeping your Toyota Camry in tip-top shape. The battery can suffer more damage during the summer months compared to the winter months. The reason behind this is the excessive heat. The heat can cause the fluids in the battery to evaporate, leading to corrosion and other issues. If this happens, your battery might stop working, leaving you stranded.

Wash the Car

Make sure you wash your car every so often. A good wash, followed by a wax, can prevent the paint from chipping. The fresh wax can also help protect the exterior of the car from the harmful rays of the sun.

Visit our Service Center

The best tip we can provide you is to bring your Toyota to our service center. Our experienced technicians will be able to examine your car for any issues stemming from the heat and the sun. They will also be able to fix those issues promptly so you can get back to your summer fun.

Toyota Chula Vista is conveniently located at 650 Main Street in beautiful Chula Vista, CA, so stop by and see us today for more tips on how to keep your car running smoothly this summer!