Toyota automakers announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that it has formed a partnership with Amazon to integrate Alexa into its infotainment system.

Currently, the 2018 Toyota Camry is already equipped with the Entune 3.0 infotainment system and would be fitted with Alexa capabilities. For the rest of the Toyota lineup, other models will follow suit starting with the 2019 inventory. Several models under the sister brand Lexus will also be receiving Alexa voice recognition.

Other auto manufacturers have used their own voice recognition systems, though the function is often limited to certain commands, such as starting the engine and controlling the lights. With Alexa, Toyota car owners will have far more voice control options, such as navigating the entertainment menu and even adding items to a shopping cart. Furthermore, users who already have Alexa in their home will be able to remotely control home functions. They’ll be able to, for example, instruct Alexa to raise the house Thermostat while driving home. This way, the home will be warm and cozy by the time they get home.

Visit Tech Crunch to learn more about Toyota automaker’s deal with Amazon and the Alexa integration.

Alexa aside, Toyota automakers will also be collaborating with Amazon to work on a project known as e-Palette. This is an autonomous shuttle program utilizing the latest self-driving technology. Companies like Uber, Pizza Hut, and food delivery services are also in the midst of working on similar technology.

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