Toyota automakers have something to celebrate. The brand just received the top spot in Consumer Report’s reliability rankings. As icing on top of the cake, its sister luxury brand Lexus made the list as well. This is now five years in a row that the Toyota brand or Lexus brand have made the list.

Consumer Reports examines 2018 models using surveys compiled from 640,000 vehicle owners. It places heavy emphasis on safety and mechanical reliability rather than minor issues like the infotainment’s ease of use or wind noise entering the cabin.

The Toyota brand also received high praise for its entertainment system. According to Consumer Reports spokesman Jake Fisher, this is largely due to the automaker releasing its technology features more gradually, which gives developers more time to test them.

The brand’s current eight-speed transmission system, for instance, was initially only released for the Toyota Highlander. The new 2018 Toyota Camry did not get the addition until the latest release.

Car buyers often look at Consumer Reports and other auto guides when making a decision, so topping the reliability rankings is a big deal. The news was reported in various MSM outlets, including ABC News.

Despite the slow and steady approach to technology, the Toyota brand does have some major technological ambitions for their vehicles. Brand representatives have confirmed that it has plans to test its first autonomous electric car by 2020. It will also be testing AI capabilities allowing drivers to navigate using voice commands. It will be testing an AI system nicknamed “Yui,” which shares many similarities to Amazon’s Alexa.

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