Toyota automakers really made the most of the 2018 North America International Auto Show. During the outing, representatives showed off a new concept in the form of a compact off-road Toyota SUV.

Jim Lentz, who heads the North American division of the Toyota brand, revealed some new insights. This comes off the heels of the similar Toyota FJ Cruiser, which discontinued in 2014. According to Lentz, a Toyota off-road SUV makes sense given the current demand and high sales of four-wheelers from competing brands.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the concept SUV will be a revival of the Toyota FJ Cruiser or a completely different model. Lentz has confirmed, though, that the company is definitely aiming towards a frame-based SUV with additional ground clearance. It would also have a small wheelbase to make the vehicle more maneuverable when navigating around rocky terrain. These characteristics would make it an SUV designed for the truest off-roading enthusiasts.

Such a model would also serve as a smaller cousin to the larger Toyota RV4 and Toyota Sequoia. This would certainly provide a nice option for consumers who want a smaller vehicle but do not really prefer a compact sedan.

Toyota automakers also spent a good deal of 2017 working on two other off-road car concepts. One was the Toyota FT-AC, which had a raised hatchback profile and all-wheel-drive platform. The other was the Toyota FT-4X, which had a boxy design and was much closer in resemblance to the original Toyota FJ Land Cruiser.

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