The Toyota Brand just turned exactly six decades old. This is a huge milestone; according to Toyota Motor North America CEO Jim Lentz, the 60th-anniversary celebration isn’t just about the cars it has sold over the years. It’s also about the countless employees past and present that have made it possible to stand strong in such a competitive automobile market.

Some Toyota dealerships are celebrating the occasion in their own unique way. One dealership in Plano, Texas, buried a time capsule containing several Toyota memorabilia back in 2007. The capsule will be unearthed in 2057, when the brand turns 100-years-old.

Since the company’s North American division opened up in 1957, it has experienced a fascinating and memorable timeline. Here are some fun facts.

1958 – The first Toyota Land Cruiser was manufactured. A total of 228 units were sold.

1964 – The Toyota brand introduces its first pickup truck to the U.S. market.

1967 – The release of the Toyota 2000GT. This vehicle became renowned after appearing in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

1971 – The steel factory Atlas Fabricators of Long Beach, CA, becomes the first Toyota partnership in North America. It became the leading producer of truck beds for the brand’s pickup.

1983 – The Toyota Camry is introduced, replacing the Toyota Corona released the year prior.

1986 – The automaker opens its first U.S. assembly plant in Georgetown, KY.

1987 – The brand introduces Lexus as its luxury subdivision.

1997 – The Toyota Camry breaks record as the best-selling car in the U.S.

Check out the Dallas Business Journal to see a slideshow of the timeline.

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