The Toyota brand has always been an active participant in various nationwide and global-wide events. It has also announced that it will be partaking in the 2020 Olympics and Para-Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. At this global spectacle, the automaker will be showcasing two new autonomous concepts.

One of the vehicles is an egg-shaped self-driving car that has the capability to sense a passenger’s emotions and start a conversation using advanced artificial intelligence.

The other is a car tentatively named the Toyota e-Palette. This is a boxcar-shaped vehicle that operates like a minibus and shuttles people between venues.

Both concepts have already made their debuts last year at the 2017 CES Technology Expo. At the 2020 Olympics, both concepts will actually be up and running.

Both vehicles will have level 4 autonomous capability. The highest is level 5, which can operate fully independent of a human operator.

The Japanese automaker is also currently in the process of producing a fleet of over 3,000 green vehicles, which will be in use for transporting tourists at future Olympic events. These fleet vehicles include the Toyota Sora, a fuel-cell bus.

According to Toyota automaker president Akio Toyoda, the goal is all about making mobility a possibility for everyone, including the disabled and the elderly. Toyoda also indicated that the automaker would be more than happy to work with any company to achieve that end.

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