Dealership showrooms display the latest models in their pristine condition. After all, it’s all about presentation. One Toyota dealership in Arizona, however, is opting for a more creative approach to vehicle display.

The dealership displayed a 2018 Toyota Camry that is badly damaged from a rear-end collision. So, what happened to this vehicle and why is it sitting in a model showroom instead of in a mechanic’s garage?

The car was rear-ended by a semi-truck, causing the sedan to crash into another semi-truck ahead. In essence, the vehicle was sandwiched between two behemoth commercial trucks. Despite the horrific accident, the driver escaped with only minor injuries.

Considering the nature of the collision, one would expect the Toyota Camry to be completely squished into an accordion. However, the car held up relatively well thanks to its modern construction. For one, it rides on the new TNGA platform, which is renowned for its tensile strength and rigidity. The sedan also has state-of-the-art crumple zones that functioned exactly as intended in the collision. It was sturdy enough to absorb the kinetic energy of the impact and prevent the cabin from getting crushed. In fact, all four doors still perfectly open and close.

The dealership decided to display the vehicle to showcase its safety and ability to protect driver and passengers in dire collision scenarios. Safety, after all, is one of the main considerations when consumers shop for a car.

See pics of the rear-ended Toyota Camry at The Drive.

See the 2018 Toyota Camry at Toyota Chula Vista. Our Toyota repair center near San Diego, CA, can attest that Toyota models offer the latest in safety technology and architecture. Staying safe on the road should always be a priority.