Throughout the course of this week and into the weekend, Toyota has teamed up with Cincinnati Children’s hospital to present Buckle Up for Life, a national education program on safe driving. It is a well-known fact that driving with small children can be quite the handful and that many challenges present itself from making sure you’ve got snacks and supplies to radio battles and to ensuring that children are seated properly in the vehicle. This week during Child Passenger Safety Week, Toyota is sharing the top five myths and facts on car seats, so keep reading to learn more!

The Buckle Up For Life  program hopes to dispel these five myths in order to help better protect young drivers:

  1. MYTH: Used car seats are always okay to Use. FACT: Car seats actually have an expiration date. And any car seat that has been through a crash or collision may have been compromised. It’s important to keep these up to date and ensure that they are in good working condition.
  2. MYTH: Older kids can sit in the front seat. FACT: Kids under 13 are safest in back. Just because a kid has outgrown their booster seat does not mean that they are big enough or old enough for the front seat and the impact a potential collision could cause.
  3. MYTH: Seat belts alone are enough for small kids. FACT: Children shorter than 4’9” need to be in a booster seat. Seat belts don’t fit young children properly and can ride up on their waists or necks, potentially causing further injury during a crash. Booster seats help correctly elevate them and avoid such injury.
  4. MYTH: A one-year can ride in a front-facing car seat. FACT: Children should be in rear-facing seat until age two. Children should remain in rear-facing car seats until the age of two or until they exceed the height and weight limits.
  5. MYTH: The more you pay, the safe the car seat. FACT: All approved seats are equally as safe. Price doesn’t matter, quality does.

Here at your local Toyota dealers serving San Diego, Toyota Chula Vista, our team encourages you to be up to date on not only your child’s car or booster seat, but also on the rules and regulations that come with passengers that are children. We want to keep your child riding as safe as possible in your new Toyota model!