Both the 2019 Toyota Tacoma and 2019 Toyota Tundra are renowned for their hauling prowess and impressive payloads. For weekend boaters, either pickup will be a worthy investment. This is even more so now thanks to a possible new patent boat trailer system.

Nothing has been confirmed, but Toyota Motor North America filed for a patent for an unnamed trailer system for launching and retrieving a boat. How does it work? The system utilizes a combination of radars and cameras to help you find the ideal spot for launching and retrieval. Once you do that the first time, the system will memorize the location and repeat the process for you the next time you go boating in the same spot.

Boaters that have towed a boat understand just how tricky the process can be even with a rearview camera. It definitely takes an experienced driver to do the job just right. This automated system takes the trouble off your hands by semi-autonomously backing your truck in the ideal spot for releasing or hitching your boat. Of course, you’ll still have to handle some of the steering, but this system eliminates the need of a second person outside to guide you.

This system can also be a potential lifesaver. It can warn drivers if they are backing too far into the ramp and hitting water, which creates the risk of the truck jackknifing.

If such a system does come to fruition, expect it to appear on the next-generation Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra. Learn more at TFL Truck.

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